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Beaded Delights

Your source for beautiful beaded holiday table decorations including tree toppers, ornaments, banners, holiday baskets and other items including clocks. Just choose the item you would like, send a check or money order, sit back and wait for the arrival of your beautiful beaded craft item. These beaded delights make great gifts and can add a bright sparkle to your home decorum. Prices range from $12.00 to $40.00.

Ordering is easy! Just place an X in the box of the craft item you want to order. Fill in the information below and email it to me. I will email you back with the total cost, (including shipping and handling) an approximate time of how long it will take to assemble your order and an address to which you can send the check or money order. I will email you when I receive your payment, and again when I am getting ready to send you the completed assembled items.

Please be sure to order your items early enough to allow sufficient time for assembly and shipping.

christmas items
These items make a nice gift or add to the festive look of your home.

Christmas Tree- Crystal, Blue & Red beads. Size 6  1/2" Tree revolves. Song played
is O Tannenbaum $25.00
Lighted Train Set - this 5 piece Christmas train set looks great around the tree $40.00
Lighted Gingerbread Set - a 3 piece gingerbread house, man and woman $35.00
Lighted Village Set - a 5 piece Village set (Church and 4 other buildings) makes a great center piece $40.00
Lighted Snowman - 7 1/2" crystal beaded snowman makes a nice holiday night lamp $20.00
These banners are approximately 9" by 11" and will look great on your door.
Christmas Eve Joy Angel Moose Peace Dove Penguin Santa Snowman
Noel Tree
christmas tree ornaments

How about decorating your Christmas Tree with Beaded ornaments this year and add a real sparkle to your home. You can choose from tree toppers, and shaped ornaments.

Star Tree Topper - 9" crystal color beads $20.00
Angel Tree Topper - 6" Crystal color beads $20.00
Cone Tree Topper - 10.5" Green, Red, Crystal color beads $20.00

The following make great Holiday Ornaments, Window Sun Catchers or Gift Accents. 6 of the same item for $12.00 The spinner, star, and snowflake come in assorted colors.

Candy Cane Cross Spinner Icicle Angel Star Snowflake Swirl Tree Wreath

musical melodies
These items would make teriffic conversation pieces or home decor additions to any room.

Piano- Crystal, Black and White beads. Size 5"
Treasure Chest-Crystal and Blue beads. Size 4" chest opens up.
Castle - Crystal and Blue beads. Size 6  1/2"
Wedding Cake -Size 4 1/2" Crystal and Yellow beads.
Bassinet -Size 4 1/2" Crystal, Blue and Pink beads.
Cross -Size 9 1/4" Crystal beads and Rhinestone Heart.

Mantle Clock - Crystal Beads Size 8" x 8" $30.00
Don't forget to decorate your tables during the Halloween Holiday.

Halloween Cat Basket - Black beads with orange cat face $12.00

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